Linq To Access, MS SQL, SQLite, MySQL, Oracle, Firebird, DB2, PostgreSQL ......

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What is ALinq?
ALinq is an Enterprise-grade database LINQ provider,Stable, efficient and easy to use. The usage of ALinq is compatible with Linq To SQL, if you are familiar with Linq to SQL, you can master ALinq in few minute.Getting Started
Why use ALinq?

Implement all the Features of Linq to SQL

ALinq implement all the Features of Linq to SQL . All the features of Linq to SQL can be found in ALinq.

Full Compatic With Linq to SQL

ALinq is full compatible with Linq to SQL.  The API  of ALinq is same with Linq to SQL's. That means, All the knowlage about Linq to SQL can directly applicable to ALinq .

Support Most of The Commercial Databases

ALinq support most of the commercial databases, such as Access, MSSQL, Oracle, SQLite, MySQL, Firebird, DB2, PostgreSQL and more database will be supported in later.

Can run under Mono

ALinq can run under Mono, if you want to trial ALinq under Mono, please click here see detail.

A Powerful Designer Provided

We have provided a powerful designer(ORDesigner) for ALinq, click here see detail.